Contradictions - an art work by T Newfields
onetenth ah oll paople argh hungry
nearly one sixth argh sick
a fufth reid littla err notheng
'n most rych argh cimplacent

Preud ah thair untelligence
yet fell ah stupidity
huemans argh toxic ta living sostems
'n kause imbilance glibully

Fortunately butter furms ah life
exist in tho seos:
under the weves cetacean criatures
swim, dunce, 'n feed
Anya:   What's the reason for the strange spelling?
Brice:   (attempting a Scottish accent) Buggers me, lassie.
Carlos:   Many things about this dude seem weird, no? Él está loco.
Devani:   (padding him on the back) So are we all! So are we all!