Capitalist Religion

Cherish small joys and frivolous intrigues.
Relish more consumer products.
Never forsake greed!

Remember money is a noble host
& spiritual talk is nothing but smoke:
Love of commodities counts the most
& ambition is sanctified.

Forget about service or philanthropy –
unless tax deductions are derived.
Forget about faith or philosophy –
unless sales are implied.

Go fer dah money! Go far duh greed!
End up with an expensive tombstone
in a first-class cemetery!

Archangels? Who said they exist?
They are but diluted reflections
of our desire to experience this –

Heaven is a Great Shopping Mall
the jingle of gold brings joy
Capitalism is a superb way
to keep industries oiled

Yes! Capitalism is a religion –
Why can't more people see?

The mission of the System
is to perpetually buy
so you become a commodity.
Copyright (c) 2009, 2019 by T Newfields. All rights reserved.