MindSurge - an artwork by T Newfields


in memory of Samuel Chavkin (1927 - 2008)

As psychoactive agents are ingested
I enter an altered state
& feel amazing love for the Guardian
who brings euphoria to all beings
connected to His Neural Array

Doing this
I have no qualms about
destroying non-conformists
or doing whatever the Guardian dictates

The Guardian's Will is my imperative –
individual thought is a needless waste

Each six nano-seconds
from the crest of my spine
a blissful neurochemical spike
is delivered sub-cuticine

Those unconnected to His Network
can't imagine the delight

The Guardian Brings Great Bliss to Devotees:
Those Who Serve Him
Are Rewarded with Wartmh & Light.

Gus: Sounds like science fiction?
Bill: Yeah. But if you look closely at trends in computer science, neuro-research, and government policy then this scenario isn't so far-fetched.
Gus: The dictators of the future would love this!
Nadya: Well, human brains are hard-wired for bliss.
Liao: Perhaps so, but there's a price we pay for that seeking. If the quest for pleasure becomes all-consuming, the system becomes unsustainable.
Nadya: Maybe, but short-term desires often outweigh the long-term good. If a product promises short-term bliss, some people will go for it even if it is ultimately poison.