Melissa: Whud'z zis teacher been smokin'?
Tim: Hmm. The dilated pupils suggest that . . . .
Satoru: (launching into a monolog and ignoring others) Any teacher who thinks deeply about
what's happening is gon'na get perplexed: education is a complicated business.
Liao: Perhaps that's why so many so-called teachers stop thinking. They're like machines
in many ways. From a technocratic point of view, the perfect teacher would be a machine.
Machines are completely controllable. Human beings, however, are not.
Melissa: . . . At least nutto yet. Some people are no doubt working on zis . . .

Perplexed Teacher / Professeur Confus / Profesor Confuso / Verwirrten Lehrer / Komarikitta Kyoushi - an art work by T Newfields

Perplexed Teacher