- an artwork

With proper symbols
the appearance of erudition
is easy to create.

Substance izz secondary –
marketing must be 1st rate!

With smart advertising
average teachers will seem
paragons ahh wisdom & light
& mediocre students
if portrayed skillfully
can appear luminary & bright.

It's all a matter ahh image
& catering to market needs.

Few people worry about depth
if erudition hazz a glitzy sheen.

If schools are but market commodities,
will nurturing become
a quaint oddity?

Arrow to Nowhere
Melissa: Isn't this guy too cynical?
Liao: Well, shouldn't we think of why people become cynical in the first place? To me, cynicism seems like a common response if people feel ignored or helpless.
Satoru: At times I wonder whether or not it's a kind of poison. It's far too easy to doubt everything and live without convictions. However, it takes courage to have faith and affirm something.
Tim: (shrugging his shoulders) Cynicism has its place, but why get stuck in it? With one eye it's good to doubt everything, but we need another eye that's open to new discoveries.
Satoru: Doubt and faith seem like opposites, but I believe they actually go hand-in-hand. There's no problem with questioning – but some questions have no clear answers. Perhaps that's why inner convictions count.