Noel: Plants our kin? Huh? Is dis dude ah wegetable?
Gwen: Maybe he's green-blooded?
Tara: Please be quiet so we can hear the poetry . . .
Orapan: What's a wegetable?
Tara: Ah, chatter is the death of poetry . . .
Orapan: Relax – if yer so-called "poetry" can't take dah heat, it isn't really alive.
Gwen: Yeah. (chuckling) Why be wimpy?

Plant Power!

Plant Power - an art work by T Newfields

The pulsating vibrancy of green
and sheer intoxication of chlorophyll

The strength of roots clasping the earth
and brazen boldness of blossoms
luring insects to their girth

The clarity of trunks soaring upward
and of stems rising high

The grace of leaves fluttering in sunlight
and majesty of boughs
touching the sky

Plants have much to teach us –
we'd be wiser
learning from them

Why not listen to plants
more closely
and connect to our roots?

Plants are our spiritual kin