Index Poetry Resume


T Newfields in Taipei in March 2017
Who is Tim Newfields?
That question is occasionally raised.
Does it really matter?

Perhaps a more important question is:
how do some of the themes here speak to you?

If you need some factoids about this dude,
perhaps this resume might help.
And heck, you can even get a glimpse
though these biased interviews.

Then again – why trust words?
Most so-called "facts" are quickly out-dated
& common "truth" is often a sort of agreed fiction.

So why not forget about Tim Newfields & be happy?
. . . and if there's anything you don't know about this bloke
be creative and invent it.

Which "truths" are important?
What are utterly insignificant?
I often reflect on that.

Moreover, aren't all of our stories
social constructions to begin with?
Narratives based on incomplete perceptions
are constantly created and revised.

& remember the only real "you"
is in this world,
but never of it.