Terminal Data - an image by T Newfields

Terminal Data

Today's indisputable "facts"
will later be called "myths"

The certainties of this moment
will surely be eclipsed

As long as humans exist
the hunger for knowledge
will grow

& striving to feed
our appetites for discovery
perhaps we'll someday see

greater amounts of data
don't create
greater capacities to perceive

the connections flowing
flowering, fusing
through creation
linking all beings

Brice: (scratching his head) Is this a proper DTE device?
Anya: (with an android accent) Perhaps, but I do not understand its link protocols.
Carlos: (imitating Dath Vader's voice) And where is the end instrument?
Devani: (enjoying the jest) None of you are looking in the right place: all poetry takes place in the imagination. Forget about clock signals.
Brice: But this poem is not RS-232 or FS-1037C compliant!
Devani: It doesn't need to be.