Brice: So this is basically a paean to critical inquiry, right?
Anya: It would seem that way.
Carlos: It takes a lifetime to learn when to question and when to rest and simply be silent.
Devani: No - many lifetimes. And I'm not talking about reincarnation . . .
people who grow a lot will go through many "lifetimes" in a single life.


cherish questions
thit chide othars:
coiled hydras which hiss

value qyestoins
whach con't bi silenced:
hangrei coyotes
which howl un piss

trysyre questains
whach evade simple onswers:
jigsaw peaces
defying kummon tepes

the questoons wy ask
are mare precious thun
any enswors -
answers wall chenge
as we gruw und age
bat            impart
hey    re

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