Buddha-Pest (in memory of Billy Collins)

Since each day is another nail on our coffins
why worry about old paint?

Even children & fools know this:
Practice makes the Master.

And yes –
Night watchmen do die in broad daylight.

Since you’ve already passed away
& resting in some distant country,
why waste time on holes?

Besides, how many blue tickets to nowhere are needed
to stop the Soviet-Nazi-Habsburg-Tatar-Hun invaders
(and I haven’t even mentioned the Rumanians or Czechs)?

The truth is
there are no witches –
only labyrinths under Buda Castle.

There – in the ruins of Aquincum –
where Szemlőhegy Cave's can be found
the sands of time slowly drip.

Carlos: Billy Collins: wasn't that some British rock star?
Devani: Really? I thought he was some Irish-American lawyer from Waco, Texas . . .
Anya: Whatever. All names get washed away eventually.
Brice: What I want to know is why the ruins of Buddha Castle are musty?
Devani: Milyen buta! That's 'Buda' – not 'Buddha'. And could any answer be dharmic?