Bird Song: A Vernal Satire

What poets imagine as birds chirp in spring –
The Lark:
      Ah, another sweet spring day has come!
      How wonderful to be alive and see
      this somnolent earth awaken into verdant green!

The Cardinal:
      The emerald richness is intoxicating!
      & I delight in the scent of spring!
      I offer all song to Apollo – bringer of noble bounty!

The Chickadee:
      How wonderful to add my notes to life's symphony
      & to share songs to forest brethren!
      My entire existence is a panegyric to spring!
What scientists believe birds are actually communicating –
The Lark:
      This is my space! Keep off!
      This is my space! Keep away!

The Cardinal:
      Ah, I'm hungry! I want Food!
      Where's duh food, dude?
      Gosh – I haven't eaten any worms today!

The Chickadee:
      Hey there! Let's fuck! Wanna copulate?
      Here I am: feathers splayed!
      I'm hot! I wanna inseminate!
Copyright (c) 2013 by T Newfields. All rights reserved.