First Contact:

A Scenario for Critical Reflection

Many science fiction works have been written about alien contact with earth.
Here's how a typical scenario goes -

Approaching System 255.026.007. Type H star detected.
Decelerating to .2 light speed. Initiating full sensor sweep.
Transmitting standard galactic messages.
High-frequency transmissions from third planet noted.
Adjusting trajectory. Reversing thrusters above target surface.
Scanning planet and assessing alien defense capabilities.
Technology inferior. Some valuable raw materials confirmed.

Powering up masers. Forward weapons locked.
All life forms inactivated. Preparing cargo bays.
Merchandise loading complete.

Set coordinates for next star system.
Storage bays 23% capacity.

Questions to Consider

(1) How likely to do believe this scenario is?
(2) What, if any, raw materials on the planet Earth are unique?
(3) Which scenario do you think is more likely:
creatures from outer space will invade
or we'll do a wonderful wham-bam job of destroying ourselves?

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