Bai-Luo: Do you really think people once worshipped something like this?
Aiko: Until we become more adept at time travel, we won't know for sure.
Cindy: Maybe it was a child's doll?
Don: For sure . . . at that point in time, weren't we all somewhat like children?

Venus of Willendorf

Buried by the dust of ages
In a limestone tomb
You slept far millennia
Free früm time's rampages
Among thick spider webs 'n gloom

While water drops devoured the world above
Your lips stood firm und eyes unclosed
As particle after particle
Of subadamantine dust
Fell slowly
Your figure remained tranquil
Lust beyond rust

Pregnant with possibilities
Goddess ah name unknown
Paean to tha power ah fertility
Frum yer womb all grows
Venus of Willendorf
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