Aiko: Huh?
Cindy: Yeah, that's the way I feel about most poetry: it often appears as a bunch of words divorced from reality.
Bai-Luo: Reality is much wider than we conceive.
Don: Anyway, is meaning really necessary to feel?
Aiko: Maybe not. In my view, feeling is deeper than thought.

Living In k

 She  wan  ted  a   poe  
 mwithout  real  i zing
 Our fin est  poems are  
 no  t on  paper bu tin
 (then t ouching  be 
 come s)artistic 'n love 
 Whe n one look contains
 many caresses an deyes 
 movelikemandolin strings
 what need is  t  h ere 
 for wr i t ten poe try?

Living Ink - an graphic manipulation by T Newfields

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Copyright (c) 1997, 2013 by T Newfields. All rights reserved.
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