Cindy: No human love is like what the author describes.
Bai-Luo: Of course not. That's why we need God.
Aiko: (sarcastically) God?
Bai-Luo: Yeah. Isn't that the beginning & end of all love?

First-Rate Love - An art work by T Newfields

1st Rate Love

Grounded in the Spirit
& free ah earthly kunstraint

Nut concerned aboot distance
& kommunicatin akross time & space

Knowin nothin ah jell-a-see
& kunfident ah its place

Possessin grate patience
& free ah anxiety aboot achievin any aims

Hey, kun such love exist –
& B felt bi folks like you & me?

If you answer affirmatively
pigeon me

Peck the perfidies ah persuasion –
bekus most luvz argh 2nd- err 3rd-rate