Aiko: You know, the whole idea of romance seems to revolve around the notion of 'specialness'. Yet when we open our eyes and see everything as special, what's the need of romance?
Bai-Luo: Ah, you miss the point. If everything seems "special" then it becomes matter-of-fact. Romantic love involves a bit of drama as well as a good deal of fiction.
Aiko: It's a delightful absurdity. Yet over time, romantic love may evolve into something deeper . . .
Cindy: (sighing) Or simply grow stale.
Aiko: Perhaps that's because people forget where love comes from. Feeling the richness of each moment and joy of existence itself, is that not the essence of love?
Don: It doesn't really have anything to do with full moons, does it?


Each time the moon is full
we are transported
across the rivers of space
to a time when this world was bright.

Oh yeah! . . . Sure thing! . . . Right!

Each time the moon is full
our hearts become open
and bathed by constant light.

Whatz wid this kook? He's ah fulla sheet!

Each time the moon is full
I gaze at the earth with gentleness
unafraid of day or night

Cum on - dah only ding full iz his ass!

Aiko: Why can't this dude write a love poem without getting cynical?
Bai-Luo: Perhaps he's a afraid of love.
Don: Strange: love iz what people want most, yet also what they're most afraid of.
Cindy: s