Bai-Luo:   Love is a kind of awakening – with this I agree.
Don:   Well, there are so many kinds of love. Aren't generalizations futile?
Aiko:   (irritated) When will you drop your intellectualizations? They're so sterile!
Don:   (mischieviously) Let's make a bargain. I'll drop my intellectualizations if you drop your rhetoric!
Love Birth - Right Frame

Love Birth

Until you saw a blossom in me
i wuz a derrmunt seed
sensing nuthang beyund
the sheath ah darkness
covering me thick casing

As spring came
sunlight awakuned forces
i only dimly perceived

Slowly me head thrust apperd –
peeping above clods ah dirt
as tendrils awooken'd
in fields whare kuntless
seedlings gained birth

Feeling strength in sunlaight
in nature's symphonie
i became ah blossum
whuse petals sang
through color:

Oh joy!
Oh life!
Oh spring!

Love Birth - Left Frame