7 things I wish my lover would whisper to me


Your skinship is healing:
when you are with me
the better part of myself comes out.


I am here for you
& actually we exist for each other:
your wish is an honoured command
& I also trust you're listening
to my wishes, for the greatest joy
is serving each other.


I know the child between your legs is naughty,
but love playing with it
& acknowledge its feisty spirit.
Yes, we are designed so differently:
that is both a joy & challenge.


I like it when you desire me totally
and I love to feel you spurting
your warm, gooey gooz
deep inside of me.


Being crazy about you
helps me to be sane about other things:
you help me become more compassionate
& loving towards the entire creation.


Each time you cum inside me
our physical and psychic DNA blends:
where do 'you' end & 'I' begin?
That's a sacred mystery.


Your cum is my condiment:
& I relish each gush.
With you, there's no separation
between sensuality & spirituality.
7 things I wish my lover would whisper to me - an artwork by T Newfields
Bai-Luo:   All too often lovers do not understand each other's wishes.
Don:   Agreed. In fact, many people are unable to articulate their own deepest desires. . .
Aiko:   Ah, In so many ways we are blind and stubborn! It is amazing that we are able to love at all!
Don:   Well . . . deep down, I think we were made to love. However, often it takes a lifetime to discover how to do it well!