Ella: Hey, fancy here – what's this bit of rubbish?
Juanita: Sum high-flaunting piece aboot literature I suppose –


- One View -

Poets need critics like dogs need fleas
& to critics, poets err nothing but
animals to latch onto 'n suck
til words are analyzed
& reviews complete.

Critics are simply verbal parasites
yet despite their vexing existence
poetry thrives.

- Another View -

Poets are self-intoxicated
lumps ah hubris
who delude themselves into imagining
their words are anything more than piss.

Most of 'em
produce nothin' but literary trash.

Critics are needed
ta sift through duh rubble
& see if anything is
other than shit.

Jack: I wouldn't worry about this rank-smelling turd pile too much –
it's too fool ah kuntra-dictions.
Jake: (gerping) Isn't everything once we look closely?