Oh no - this poem is obviously homophile.


That's no problem.


But ahh, ahh, it's not ahh, ahh normal. . . .


So? That's a non-issue. The problem - I believe - is that it's simply lousy poetry.
That alone is unforgivable.


Fear not - time has a way of forgiving.


. . . don't confuse forgetting with forgiving.

Queer Fears

Oh No! It can't be that way!
Men kissing men!
Smooooching in the light of day!

Why not?
What's wrong?
Learn to expand
yer views:

Love encompasses all genders
& exists in many hues.

My God! Isn't that awful?
Women getting close
Mooooving so amorously
With hardly any clothes!

Why not?
What's wrong?
Learn to see anew:

When attraction happens
bodies wull join
& do what they
naturally do.

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