Heart Colors

Heart Colors - an art work by T Newfields

What color is your heart?
Does it have a single hue?
Or is it a spectrum of light,
changing from view to view?

This heart turns scarlet
when surrounded by smiling people
& bright amber
when engrossed in mental pursuits.

My heart becomes viridescent
when immersed in nature
& indigo
when many shades of suffering seem true.

It then turns charcoal
observing dreams transform to dust
& white when each heartbeat
becomes a celebration
of you.
Cantara: (laughing) What foolish, romantic nonsense!
Miok: Perhaps so. But what is the harm in innocent fiction?
Chris: (munching on an olive) So what's your point?
Miok: Perhaps we should enjoy life the same way we read a good book.
A story can be wonderful and engrossing even if it is ultimately mere fiction.