A LOVE PROPOSAL - a art work by T Newfields
Aren't we born to love?
If so, breathe softly & laugh.
Close your eyes & smile a bit.
Forget all self-importance,
& become restored.

Hang out for a while in uncertainty:
What is the rush or concern?

"Never done that before?"
My response:
"Great! Try something new!"

"Your mother doesn't approve?"
Smiling, I ask:
"Do you?"

Those with humor & insight
align their energies with the Light.
Moving closer towards what's bright
they help ancient alchemies take place,
confident that
before the universal Big Rip comes,
everything will be alright . . .
Cantara: I can't imagine real people thinking this way!
Chris: Well, everyone is "real"in some ways and fake in others.
Relax and enjoy the contradictions!
Cantara: Enjoy? Huh? You can't really be serious!
Chris: Ah, I wish people would stop using the word "real."
All too often it is synonymous with "not what I expect."