Entanglement - a digital collage by Tim Newfields
How easily we are enamored by colors!
What a sucker we are for pleasing shapes!

You may practice years of meditation
and hone your senses,
entering exalted states.

But at some moment
when you least expect it
an illusion will snare you,
then declare with gleeful jest:
human hubris invariably
results in a mess!
Cantara: We have to accept that we are often blind, biased, and incorrect about many things. That's simply the human condition!
Chris: Agreed. We should be cautious about any person claiming to have 'absolute truth'.
Miok: Absolute arrogance exists, but there is no 'absolute truth' mere humans can perceive.
Kasim: (smiling, then slowly sipping some coffee) Feyerabend would be laughing in his grave. You've just made an absolute statement, breaking your own logic.