Future Landscapes? - an art work by T Newfields
What will we do when our skies turn yellow-amber
& wells run dry?
What will we do when our rivers become undrinkable
& fields begin to die?
What will we do when many mouths lack food
& just a few corporations control all supplies?
At that point
will we destroy ourselves
& on the sands of time
will our existence
seem like a thin, obscure line?

Carla:   (coughing) This poem is too depressing!
Yahui:   (nodding slightly) Agreed. Most people focus on short-term profits, forgetting about long-term consequences. This is a common human cognitive bias.
Carlos:   (shrugging his shoulders, then sipping a glass of wine) Many possible futures exist. This poem portrays merely one of them.
Reed:   It' s good to remember that "civilization" is but a temporary phenomenon … the Earth will be around much longer than any of us.