Desert Fireworks - an art work by T Newfields
The desert is on fire
yet there is no ordinary flame
It is burning with explosive beauty
and on fire in so many ways!

If you listen closely
you might hear the incinery displays
as bat wings flap above peyote blossoms
closing at the break of day

The desert is on fire
and most people never see the flames
they only see digital simulations
on computers
day after day after day . . .

Carla:   Many of the desert's natural pyro-technics go unseen.
Carlos:   Yeah, it's all a question of speed: most people move so fast that they fail to notice the slowly-exploding fireworks all about them.
Reed:   Doesn't it go in the other direction, too? Human timespans are so 'slow' that many amazing things are over in less than an eyeblink.
Yahui: (nodding slightly) You have a point . . .