Three Intrepretations of
Russell's Paradox

Three Intrepretations of Russell's Paradox - a digital manipulation by T Newfields
"R is the set of all sets which are not members of themselves."


We are members of each other
and part of an infinite plane
set in motion by fierce algorithms
& suppositions traversing the Suffolk Plains.


I have examined your member and decided
it is not correct. I therefore took it to
the Ministry of Education and had it exorcized
from the list of accepted texts.

In Room 302B of the Mathematics Dept.
along with Archimedes' screw
your member is firmly set in epoxy glue.


Let's set this straight – you never were p
art of my groin, nor do your in
finitely skewed contortions belong to my set.
My parameters are parabolic yet y
ours are ergonomic. Still, there is an admi
ration for your logic which transc
ends the totality of theorems ω
here suppositions sup
posedly lie (often supine)