Nadya: Any discovery here?

Not knowing she had a type 1 BRU virus
or that my NDK would resist all but the strongest oxides
I entered the laboratory
With a 30 mm cathode tube dilated to optimal aperture
as she opened her eyes.

Her multi-phasic converter was irretractable
but after a series of swift calculations
dynamic coupling ensued.

Gasping in an orgasm of pure sensation
and lacking all technological disdain
I injected a 250 ml solution of brainwash fluid
into her polynomial axis, then wiped
the semantic fluids off her processing chips
as her galvanic skin response rose again.

Finding her voltage unstable
I decided to terminate this experiment
and for a few nanoseconds
she had full access to my wiring
and in that moment
both of us discovered
I was a
Bill: Not in my eyes.
Liao: Huh? I am discovering new things each moment of each day.