Fukushima Cyborg Diary - a digital manipulation & poem by T Newfields

		Guzzling up cobalt milkshakes 
		and luscious uranium laced rods . . . 
		I wondered why more nuclear accidents  
		haven't happened . . .  perhaps
		that information was merely silenced 
		by the Cyber-Cops. 
		'I am a multi-active mutant' 
		he answered blithely while adjusting 
		his voice control sssssswitsssssh. . . 
		The ante rose 
		as more deuterium spikes were added<BR> 
		and his ocular implants suggested -

		'This is certainly it'. 
		Though all microcircuits are programmable 
		most engineers are jerks . . . 
		Still, it takes no genius to see how easily 
		peripherials parameters can be faked 
		so why should minor aberrations hurt? 

		'1000 macro-credits will be delivered 
		upon acceptance of the deal.'  
		the drone swiftly intoned. 

		I added while wondering what 
		other adjstments were needed 
	    as the isotopes of passion hit me 
	    and memory chips reeled.