Satoru: More often than not, the difference between ordinary persons and scholars is merely a question of time management. Most people waste their time in trivial pursuits. . . .
Melissa: That elitist notion is hollow. Ordinary people are also “scholars” in their own way – they’re simply “researching” fields with little prestige.
Tim: Hmm. You use the word “research” too freely. Anyway, don't most things in life have Gaussian distributions? The comments Satoru made about scholarshop apply to those within one or two standard deviations of the norm. However, they are also significant outliers at both ends of the spectrum. Persons in those ranges challenge many of our notions about human potential.
Satoru: (laughing) Come on! The whole idea that ability can be mapped along a unilinear bell curve is absurd. The most precious aspects of human intelligence defy conventional measurement.
Liao: Still, coming back to the issue of time management: it's sobering to realize how inefficiently we spend most of our time. . . .

A Question of Time - a worldle time analysis by T Newfields
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