Tim: When market forces are all the matter, McTeaching results.
Liao: Examine that statement more closely. If a market economy is working well,
callous uncaring won't be allowed to take root because it undermines success.
Melissa: Managers of large edu-marketing services might believe so,
but it's easy to forget many rank-and-file workers feel only marginal investment in the system.
Satoru: McTeaching is what happens when teachers realize there is no deep caring –
just an obession with profit, superficial quality, and speed.
Tim: I want to believe that pattern isn't necessary.
Liao: It isn't. There are cultures with much different visions of what education is. Let's hope they survive.
McTeaching - an art work by T Newfields


Being a teacher iz
like working atta burger stand:
all yawh haf ta do iz prepare palatable material
'n serve what customers demand.

Who cares about nutrition
if students 're satisfied?
Most folks want sugar—frosted curricula –
so whud if dare’s junk inside?
Jes smile and say,
"Hey, hey, hey – consume more please."
Economics iz paramount
'n if dah taste cums out right
most customers will seem happy:
sell what brings delight.

Successful sckools
respond ta market needs.

Ta make mega-bucks
mega-teachers invent new wayz
ta crank out edu-junk
that's flavored sweet.