Educational Inspector:

Educational Inspector- an art work by T Newfields So ya think yer kompetent ta teach?
Well, let me inspect yer kredentials –then see.

Zis record shows ya don't support school policies –
yer should show conformity.

This document suggests yer outspoken about many affairs –
good teachers are silent – defer to Our Beloved Chair.

This video reveals ya laugh lots in class.
Teachers must be dignified – not crass.

This report suggests you relish irony & guile
you should be more diffident & maintain a smile!

For our government you have expressed disdain –
good teachers are cheerful & never act that way.

Are you qualified ta teach
our precious youth?

Our data suggests
another job iz better fer you.

A custodial position starts next week –
unless you wish to become a vagrant
consider that seriously.