Satoru: I'm not sure what this picture says. Perhaps something about centering and moderation?
Melissa: (shrugging her shoulders) It could be. That sounds like a comfortable, middle-of-the-road philosophy.
Liao: Hmm. Is that what true centering is about? I think the author is talking about a level beyond mere compromise.
Melissa: How would you know that?
Liao: (laughing) I don't know. Actually, I don't know anything. My entire life is merely a series of guesses, at least I guess so.
Tim: (snapping his fingers) That's a great way to frame knowledge in general! Instead of a bundle of dogmatic beliefs, perhaps we should think of our knowledge as a series of hypothetical guesses.
Melissa: (yawning) Yeah, I guess so . . .
Centering - an art work by T Newfields