Jules: Amazing: some people still deny that global warming is happening.
Elijah: . . . or blame it on factors unrelated to human activity.
Andrei: Our capacity for denial is deep-seated, especially when powerful economic interests are involved.
Philyra: The denial runs too deep. A wake-up call is due.

Global Warming

Global Warming - a graphic manipulation by T Newfields
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Palm trees in Tokyo
Slopes of Mt. Blanc bare

Tail pipes spewing out toxic wastes
Jet planes speeding through air

Shorelines rising inch by inch
Ice caps shrinking in size

Disease demographics shifting
Mosquitoes & cockroaches thrive

As thermometers break ecords
blood drips on barbed wires

Welcome ta Kentucky Fried McEarth –
whare thangs ere spicy, hot, 'n
stuck in over-drive!

Welcome ta ah flamin' nightmare –
kreated by fantasies you (& bill-
ions more) desire . . .

Fantasies with price tags
propelling the world's economy

Fantasies shouting, "bye! bye!"
to our Earth as we
buy, buy, buy!