Red Rock Country

Why do so many Americans live in cowboyland?
Why are they uncomfortable without Bibles
& double-barrel pistols in their hands?

Why are so many Americans stuck at minimum wage?
How can a two-class society be democratic
if most people are confined to poverty til the grave?

Riding the red rocks ah America's barren lands
saddled to shallow logic & consumer demand
it seems like ahh showdown
aint far out ah han'.

Red Rock Country / Pays Rouge De Roche / Pais Rojo De la Roca / Rotes FelsenLand / Akai Ganseki no Tochi - an art work by T Newfields

Terri: This notion of a western 'shown down' doesn't work well in a nuclear age.
Kris: For sure.
Terri: If male hormones run their natural course, I wonder if humanity has a future . . . .
Sam: Armageddon is an scenario that should never be allowed to happen.
We must unite and come to recognize how deeply connected we are.
Ted: (spitting, then grimacing) Yeah . . . yeah . . . yeah . . . yack . . . yack . . . yack.