Pill-Popping Nation - an art work by T Newfields

News making you depressed?
Try these tablets ta feel refreshed.

A bit sluggish these days?
Our medicine 'll give you zip in many ways.

Finding it hard ta sleep?
We haf exactly what you need.

Existential anxiety getting you down?
Hey relax – pop a few ah these.

Jes give us yer credit card
And we'll fix everything.

Pop em & plop em! Oh yeah!
It's grate to be alive.

We'll pump ya ah full ah medicine
And help ya feel reel high.

With the right additives in yer bloodstream
You'll do whadever we please.
Ted: Can you imagine how much money American's spend on pills?
Kris: No, but probably less than they spend on weapons.
Sam: Hey, get this straight: pills are weapons.
Tim: Yeah, not all guns have conventional bullets.
Some use bio-chemicals that target different parts of the body.