A Perfect American - an art work by T Newfields
My brain is shrinking:
I’m growing increasingly dumb.
Hours & hours of television
have made my conscience numb.

I work without emotion
like a well-programmed machine.
However, there's little sense of caring:
my life feels too routine.

Fulfilling production quotas is easy
& what I say is usually considered “correct.”
However, I must mask any traces of doubt or anger –
critics are marked derelict.

Was there actually an invasion in Laos?
Were the elections in Chile rigged?
Did Greece's leader vanish
because Washington wished it?
Such “facts” are disappearing from memory.

Although I’m not a perfect citizen yet
Homeland Security informs me I’m doing well:
Soon I’ll be an exemplary citizen –
a Freedom-Loving Yankee-Doodle-Dandy
ready to do whatever our leaders order,
as predictable as Pavlov's bell.
Terri: George Orwell would love this poem.
Ted: We’re even better at manipulating emotion now.
Sam: Isn’t human DNA is the basic problem? It seems flawed to me.
Ted: Yeah (pouring himself a beer). Maybe so.
Kris: Is utopia mere a matter of genetic engineering?
Terri: I think you seriously overestimate the power of governments.
Kris: (gerping loudly) And you underestimate the power of greed.