You want fried potatoes?
I tell you we're all deep-fried
cause the people in control
don't give a damn fer
U err me.

All they want is
their hamburgers delivered on time
with the right amount ah lettuce
'n buns neatly sliced.

Who cares if
ketchup spills on kitchen floors
or employees work at sub-standard wages?

Does anyone worry whether
the bovine crap has weird hormones
or napkins are from rainforests
or tomatoes argh genetically spliced?

You want Order #6, right?
OK bud - cumin' right appu!
Kris: Massive indifference: isn't that the root of most problems?
Tim: Indeed. Capitalism institutionalizes the process of uncaring. When people are viewed as disposable commodities, society as a whole becomes hollow. We need an arching meta-narrative to peacefully unite disparate and selfish humans.
Sam: (Impatiently) Yeah. Yeah. I've heard that crap before. When's the next cartoon?