Sam: What's wrong with waving flags?
Ted: (imitating a TV evangelist) Flags should be not be worshipped – that amounts to idolatry!
Terri: (imitating a Donald Duck) I dunno. I see no problem with respecting ones flag.
Tim: (chuckling) All too often that involves disrespect for some other flags – therein lies the problem.
Flag Fetish - an art work by T Newfields
Are the greatest dangers confronting America
terrorists & revolutionaries
or flag-waving patriots
numbed by their own ideologies?

Will flag furling fanatics
ever cease from chanting fatuous foibles
or desist from hating imagined enemies?

If Uncle Sam continues his charade
& Disneyland persists in its parade
it seems unlikely.

Be honest:
Who would you rather hear –
impassioned protesters & angry poets
or Mickey Mouse & Daffy Duck
spouting sweet nonsense
gently in your ear?