Cover Ups - a graphic manipulation and pseudo-poem by T Newfields
Kris:  If you look at anything closely enough, invariably some degree of shit will appear.

Ted:   Why bother doing that? If we look outwards, sufferin' seemz inevitable.

Tim:   Don't be so damn cosmetic err concerned 'bout looks. The truth is dat
       life 's a battle, & battles argh seldim purrtee. Wake up, stand fer yer beliefs,
       & recognise yer opponent is quite likely doing deh same. . . 

Just as people use disinfectants
to mask unpleasant smells
so do politicians employ rhetoric
to mask many of their ills
Despite repeated cover ups
truth ekes out over time -
lies are short-term expedients
it's hard to white-wash all grime.

In our age of global cover ups
and publicly financed lies
foul deeds are given fair names
but fragments of truth
somehow survive. / surface from time to time
Terri: Do you get the idea that something is being covered up?
Ted: Absolutely. Covering up is a great American tradition. It happens all the time without us even being aware of it.
Terri: Hmm. Without transparency how can there be democracy?
Ted: Don't be naive – democracy only works if participants have approximately equal power and also adequately informed.
Those conditions rarely, if ever, exist.