Advice for vegetables: an art work by T Newfields

Advice for vegetables:

Learning to cook with élan

Many of us exist in giant pots
simmering next to know-it-alls who yap away,
or bland potatoes
who care about little and have nothing to say.

Onions are different:
they give ordinary casseroles pizzazz,
transforming simple beans into culinary activists,
and encouraging other vegetables to give more flavor.

Even before slicing
zesty onions are undaunted by skillets.

I admire succulent onions who laugh bravely
as they sizzle under the flames.

Cooking well requires gusto,
and each part of the casserole of life has a part to play.

Don't worry about getting chopped up or deep fried:
under time's relentless flames
sizzle all lives.