To Be German - an image by T Newfields
Tell me –
What does it mean to be German?

Must I speak the language of Goethe
or enjoy Wagner and Bach?
Should I sing "Einigkeit und Recht und Freiheit" with fervor
or feel ecstatic when the National Football Team achieves a goal?
Must I believe that spanferkel is mouth-watering
or that beer is the best invention to date?
Should I confront the word "holocaust" personally
or believe “European integration" is a matter of fate?
Must I understand why November 9 is important
& be familiar with all sixteen federal states?
Should I feel Caspar David Friedrich stands on par with Raphael
& describe how Dr. Caligari was great?
Could I be indifferent to these?
and yet still be «Deutschtum» in every way?

To be German
what is required of me?