In Concert - an art work by T Newfields
Do not separate intellect from intuition
or mind from heart

Do not separate past from future
or that which has passed from that which will start

Do not separate this instant from eternity
or a wave from the sea

Do not separate any part of life –
All things are notes in a cosmic symphony.

Hear the music closely –
each of us are part of the key.
Anya: (Coughing slightly) Aren't there too many 'do nots'?
Brice: (Nodding) Yeah. Those are words nobody appreciates.
Carlos: (Observing Anya and Brice while sipping some wine) You know, negative commands have a strange way of becoming positive.
Devani: The subconscious mind doesn't know the difference… Affirmative goals are more powerful than negative ones.
Carlos: (Pretending to be interested in this conversation) Mother Teresa understood this. Rather than be anti-war, she said claimed it was wiser to be "pro-peace."
Brice: (Swirling some wine slowly in his mouth, then smiling) How astute!