Non-Violence: an art work by T Newfields

A: You shouldn't do that!
B: Hey, who are you to say?
A: Don't talk with me disrespectfully!
B: I'm gon'na blast you away!

Once again male hormones
get in the way of common sense
and when a battle starts raging
compassion seems ta end

A: (hugging B) Mmm. We should be closer.
B: (kissing A) Much nicer like dis.
A: Mmm. Yous kool man! 
B: Hey, let's jizz!

Jizz for peace!
Tranmute agression
tah gentler feelins

Dah world would B better 
wid more luvin 
'n less shootin'

Pissed of at sum one?
Stay kool - 
Jizz yer adversaries!

Frida: This is absurd! It takes more than erotic hankering to create peace.
Satoru: Maybe, but if we look at primate behaviour there seems to be a link between sexuality and agression.
Dmiritri: Are you implying that we should behave like bonobos?
Satoru: Why not? Thought they lack the ability to create complex gadgets, in some ways they are more "humane" than humans . . .
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Copyright (c) 2000, 2013 by T Newfields. All rights reserved.
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