Secrets of Women:

The Alchemy of Gender

Secrets of Women
Did you whisper something about women's secrets last evening
while we strolled through our garden
as the sun turned golden, then russet, and then finally black?

You could spend lifetimes exploring such questions,
yet only comprehend a fraction of your garden,
not to mention the host of stars
beyond many small dark corners of space.

Garden onions,
which most scholars consider unique to our planet,
might seem insignificant or weak,
yet their pungency will overwhelm your chakras
& short-circuit all logic
until their terminal buds implant deep in your brain.

Is emotional intimacy necessary for arousal?
I'm afraid this is a question philosophers should never ask.

However ancient manuscripts suggest if viable seeds are present,
& the stars are aligned just right,
then warmth, sunlight, water, and gentle earth will likely suffice.

Let's be honest:
onions add flavor to otherwise bland culinary plates
especially while gardens are in their autumnal phase
or a deep wintry sleep.

In the right amount, onions are worthy of relish,
perhaps even worship.

Succulent onions can transform or even the dullest of victuals
into exquisite culinary escapades.

Is that not gustatory heaven –