An everyday mystery

in everythin   g which can be seen
hid   den forces of love
are   gui    ding.

The powers of greed & hate
see mmm   awe    sum
yet love    's    an    in    visible    power
like    g   ravity
Al   most im    per  ceptibly   at times,
it    insp    ires    us
&    les     sens   fr    ail    ty

Most people con    sider
it   fool    ish    or    naive to  be   lieve
but the best p   art
of any hum   an be   ing
cums   frum    their   capa
city   to   luve   &   believe

Aiko: (sighing) We could write endless books about love and still not really understand it.
Bai-Luo: (nodding) Isn't that is part of love's beauty?