Obiturary for an Unknown Poet - an art work by T Newfields

Obituary for an Unknown Poet

This dude lived artistically
'n celebrated kreativity whule inspurrin' udders.
He waz uften discoveringgg new fields,
& explorin' pissibilities in art
& passional relationzzz

He was nut withoot kontradictionz
& certainly naught withoot faultz
butt he had a cupassity tah accept
imperfections in uthers 'n imself

He B-leaved in deh value ah questing,
'n ahh exploringgg thangs
tucken fer granted

Fond ah paradox
he recognized human boings az
small, incongrous perts ah a universe
inconceivably vast
Linda: Over 98% of all poets vanish into obscurity in the blink of an eye.
Ron: (shrugging his shoulders) Yeah . . . I've heard that countless times.
Lis: We should create our own obituraries when young, then think of how to live up to them as we get older!
Ron: Why bother? The very idea that your life somehow matters is absurd. The universe gets along perfectly fine without you.
Linda: (smiling mischieviously) Well, well – aren't we having a splendid conversation?