Loosening -  a few thought bubbles by T Newfields

like the kiss of a lover
or sudden sc
ream like a strange
visitor or recur
ring d
ream death comes d
ifferently to e
ach . . .

for some
it is a deliverance
for others it's a curse b
ut for all it is inevit
is that which
measures our worth.

Ron: All thoughts are like bubbles. Don't you agree?
Linda: (chuckling) How am I supposed to agree or disagree with a statement like that?
Lis: Yeah. What's with this bubble theorem nonsense?
Ron: Well, haven't you heard of Schrödinger's theory of multiverses? According to that theory, our world is merely one of many possible worlds.
Lex: (shrugging his shoulders) Oh, ancient sages knew about that long, long ago. Many of our so-called 'modern' discoveries were in fact known by the ancients.