Autumn Shades - a graphic manipulation by T Newfields
Linda: Each season has its own beauty. Many appreciate spring, but fewer recognize autumn's charm.
Ron: Don't most of us have a far too one-sided view of beauty? There's beauty even in death and decay.
Lis: (nodding) That's hardly surprising since beauty itself is often marketed as a commercial commodity. Advertisers try to tell you exactly beauty means, insinuating anything different is not beautiful.
Lex: (pausing) I think there's a mathematics to beauty. Whenever symmetry and order combine with complexity, beauty is a natural consequence.
Lis: (cynically) Ironically, any obsession with beauty is sort of ugly. Those who overly worry about outward beauty are like cadavers. Too much self-consciousness is never beautiful: real beauty has an innocence that can't be faked.
Ron: (chuckling) Hmm. I question whether anything on this planet can be called 'innocent'.