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Advice for Busy Motorists

Busy. Busy. Busy.
Oh isn't this fun?

Got ta keep the motor moving –
Fearing silence
means all iz done.

Moving without reflection
frantically rushing about,

How tempting it is ta believe
the entire world will shatter

& that our tiny mission
is all that matters.
Advice for Busy Motorists by T Newfields
Advice for Busy Motorists (Triangle) - an art work by T Newfields
Well, how about
doing nothing
& jes parking fer a while?

That's right, take yer keys
out ah dah damn ignition:
end yer obsession with speed.

Let yer engine cool off
wipe dah windshield clean.

Disengage from time ta time:
& notice what's ignored
err unseen.

Is yer mission
ta rush frum X to Y
az fast az pissible,
err become mure aware
& breathe?