The Economics of Emotion


Faith is what leaps if dividends are uncertain
Love is what sings when fears of perdition pass

If you lack trust – what's the point of rhetoric?
Love is nourished by faith
& the otherness of str–
angers melting upon embrace.
If you look at the matter deeply
(as more people should)
Isn't love the only dividend with value
and condition in which can'ts become coulds?


Learn to give without reservation
or thought of market returns.
Right things need no ranking
because beauty has intrinsic value
as do aliphatic primes

Either meditate or medicate
& all options will to coherence cum.


Why can't we realize love-morphing
is a more viable solution than dogmas?
& that vaseline is better than bombs?

Don't worry - Love, Inc. has announced a new product
to remove any lingering qualms.

Not that leaps of logic accompany angels
or that skepticism is unjustified . . . it's just that
bliss is far more intriguing &
being positive is the best way to help
this planet's plight.